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Equipment Crafting Guide

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Equipment Crafting Guide Empty Equipment Crafting Guide

Post by reaperhex Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:13 pm

1) Blue prints can be bought from aven for up to lvl 33 eqs and the rest are soldl via guild towns. Check the guild town list for available merchant at that town

2) To gather materials for your equipment, you will need to buy the notes/paper from the farm,mining or altar merchant and consign them to the farmer,miner or summoner.(Use farmer n miner from Guld towns to get a +2 bonus)

3)The success rate for eq varies from level to level. To increase the success rate of crafting:
Make sure its given to a famous forger, alchemy master, crafts master to make your item for increased success. You can also use corrona essence (+25%) or stardust (+50%) or heartflame (+100%) success rate which can be bought from players, cash shop or win them at the altar

=Making Equipment from crafting gives you the legendary achievement which gives permanent stats to your character!! so think about it Very Happy

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Equipment Crafting Guide Empty Other Way To Gain Material

Post by DemonicWyvern Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:18 am

*Also another way to gain materials is to use Eternal Coins. In the Loyalty Shop part of the Item Mall, there is a section known as "Consumables" there you can buy materials for crafting equipment.

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